At their wedding, the god Dionysus gave Ariadne, a crown made of stars; the constellation Corona Borealis is named after this jewelry. In an exclusive interview with SMCK, Dr. Ioannis Michaloudis explains the harmony of mythology and methodology, the inseparableness of art, science, and technology. Michaloudis and Boucheron created jewelry out of stardust: magic happens when artists think beyond disciplines. Many jewelry designers dream to work with an established jewelry house. But how? Education, quality, and meeting opportunities should be their key to success.

Schmuck München, the international jewelry fair with the reputable Herbert Hofmann prizes, has been cancelled again due to Covid-19. It is an opportunity to reflect on its mission. The danger that the week of jewelry becomes synonymous with "anything goes" is ante portas, and it will also have an impact – not necessarily positive – on the status of the non-trademarked institution. High quality standards in the independents' meeting, along with a solid press campaign and the implementation of contemporary art rules, would help the Week of Munich attract visitors and talent spotters.

Temporary blindness caused by the fog can be a poetic way to talk about the senses, imagination, and instinct. Ruudt Peters's Nebula proposes a beautiful way to look at the crisis. Along with Ted Noten, Gijs Bakker, and Liesbeth den Besten, Peters launched an educational project that aspires to create an innovative generation of jewelry artists.

While inflated egos look more ridiculous in the crisis-stricken jewelry scene, where revolutionary attitudes often replace work performance, Jason Stein discovers jewelry as gratitude.

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15 JUNE 2022

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