1. Cover image: Tom Sachs, "Mary’s Suit". Photo by Genevieve Hanson © Tom Sachs

    2. CONTENTS:

      • Tom Sachs "Rare Earths" at Deichtorhallen Hamburg: Hybrid exhbitions change the perception of art
      • The Art of Publishing: Reinhold Ludwig (ART AUREA) makes a group of sensitive people happy
      • It's the economy, artist! Competitive, global, interdisciplinary, merciless: The art market after Covid-19
      • Karl Fritsch: I say No to projects more often now
      • Jeroen Redel: Jewelry should be worn, not collected!
      • Jewelry & The City: London_The Crafts Council (new) Gallery
      • Jewelry Dialogues: Gian Luca Bartellone: Unity is strength in our times
      • Periphery and Street art: Defiant and popular
      • Insight Athens: How did (some) Greek jewellery houses survive the crisis?

      AND MORE...


In his poem "Ithaca", Constantine P. Cavafy finds Ulysses's island poor and humble; however, the poet is now rich in experiences and knowledge, and even equal in fame to immortal gods.
Cavafy met with F. T. Marinetti in 1930. The latter called him a "futurist", and explained: "The one who is avantgarde in life or art is a futurist."
Rooted in the long tradition of poetry recited in the hellenistic courts of Syria and Egypt, Cavafy's work is timeless, unique, and inimitable. It is the very definition of avantgarde.
This #Greece_200 issue celebrates the 200th anniversary of Greece's War of Independence from the Ottoman Empire by presenting stunning examples of the rich and innovative tradition of Greece.

• Ithaca gave you the marvelous journey  • The map of liberation  • Minoan mysteries unveiled  • The spirituality of justice  • Dressed to be free  • Shaped by Nos  • We are all within our future  • The fabric of memory  • Culture is a weapon  • The beauty of mutations  • And more...


Schmuck München, the international jewelry fair with the reputable Herbert Hofmann prizes, has been cancelled again due to Covid-19. It is an opportunity to reflect on its mission. The danger that the week of jewelry becomes synonymous with "anything goes" is ante portas, and it will also have an impact – not necessarily positive – on the status of the non-trademarked institution. High quality standards in the independents' meeting, along with a solid press campaign and the implementation of contemporary art rules, would help the Week of Munich attract visitors and talent spotters.

• The pandemic revealed the chaos in the jewelry scene  • Bottled Sky for Boucheron  • The sound of sculpture  • Ruudt Peters on the freedom of imagination  • Peters, Bakker, Noten, den Besten on the art of educating  • Jewelry makes you a better person  • Memory is a form of resistance  • The art of educating  • And more...


The jewelry artist's million-dollar question is: how can I be both critical and sustainable, challenging and pleasing, approachable and rebellious?

Jewelry art should be judged by the same standards that apply to visual art. Contemporary art can be cynical, aggressive, vulgar, depressing, disturbing. To survive, you need people to like, buy, and wear your art. Jewelry's potential to change the viewer's perspective unfolds through the trinity of the Maker, the Buyer, and the Beholder, that is, the public eye.

The basics of peace • A subsidy to destroy cultural heritage  • Luxury in Berlin  • Faith is part of being human  • Ethics before aesthetics  • SCRATCHPAPER Paris  • Healing dreams in God's forest  • No art without customers  • I do what I really want  • Jewelry and The City: Bogotá  • Plus more...


The struggle taking place today inside the jewellery art scene may offer insight on how artists working in other disciplines combat conformism, destructive narcissism, rigid hegemonies.

Difficulties and risks will encourage artists to evaluate events based on the analysis of cost and return. Recession caused by COVID-19 will force organizers who don't satisfy artists' expectations for exposure, career opportunities, and sales to improve their services or to close down. Imagination, innovation, honesty, and action are qualities now required to stay in the game, for nothing will remain the same in 2021.

The Post CoVid-19 era • The caricature of art  • Nobody buys art now  • Thank You Big Pharma  • Moebling or The side effects of domestication  • Neo-expressionistic offerings  • The use of Greek jewellery  • Which way after CoVid-19?  • Choreographers' creative solutions  • Crowned  • Jewellery and The City  • Plus more...



20 OCTOBER 2021